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Intellitots Preschool has an exclusive focus on the pivotal early grades for children from 18 months- 6 years. The team of passionate educationists who come from esteemed institutions like IIT, IIM, INSEAD, Mother’s International, Julia Gabriel work tirelessly to apply insights from cutting-edge research in the field of educational neuroscience and child development to early years education. In the first six years of life, the brain grows at breakneck speed, creating more than a trillion pathways for learning and development. Intellitots Preschool provides an academically challenging curriculum with personalisation to meet the needs of individual children in these critical early years. The facilitators works to instill a feeling of self-confidence and being cared for in each child while also encouraging empathy towards others. Read More..

For Corporate:

Intellitots also runs daycare and after school care programs for corporations like Fortis Healthcare. Intellitots’ flagship learning programs such as Bouncing Babies-A Parent-Toddler program, Word World-A Language Enrichment Program, and Creative Xpressions-A Music, Speech, and Drama program have benefitted more than 5000 families in Gurgaon.

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