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About Intellitots

Intellitots was founded over 6 years ago with a belief educated by research in neurosciences and cognitive development that early experiences set the stage for lifelong habits of learning, social behavior and emotional and physical growth. Given that by the age of six, 85% of the brain’s capacity is in place creating the ability to speak, learn and reason, a strong preschool and kindergarten experience goes a long way in establishing a solid foundation for a successful and happy life.

Most Loved Preschool, Playschool, Daycare centre in Gurgaon. Awarded Education Excellence Award , Run by alumni of IIT, IIM, INSEAD, Mother’s International.Intellitots in now collaborating with schools and research organizations worldwide to implement insights from cutting edge research as working models of pedagogical practices and it is widely recognized for its path breaking work in the field of early year’s education and care. Intellitots provides an academically challenging curriculum with flexibility to personalize it and meet the needs of individual children in the critical early years. Children at Intellitots are exposed to the phonics approach to reading through a proprietary program called Word World which enables them to read and become independent learners as early as 3.5 years of age. The passionate teachers at Intellitots are dedicated to instilling independent learning, creative thinking and strong values that arm children of this generation to succeed in tomorrow’s fast changing world.

Intellitots now has three Early Learning Centres in Gurgaon, India and over 7500 families have benefitted from the variety of programs ranging from Preschool, Kindergarten, Parent toddler, Daycare and Enrichment activities. Intellitots also is an early years education and childcare partner of many multinational companies like Fortis Healthcare, PepsiCo and American Express.

Intellitots was awarded the Education Excellence Award for Best Preschool in 2013.


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