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Diversity and Inclusion is a matter of great importance for corporations across the world today and it is imperative for companies to support employees through various life stages in their professional journey. We at Intellitots understand this and partner with organizations to support their diversity and inclusion agendas. Our host of services for corporates include strong child care support through customized day cares, coaching and mentoring support and family care workshops.

Intellitots is working with leading organizations to build family friendly workplaces. We have onsite and offsite day care centers for multinationals in Delhi and NCR. Some of the partner corporations include Fortis Healthcare, Nagarro, PepsiCo, American Express, Nestle and IBM. Over time, Intellitots has become the preferred partner of various multinationals for all solutions around the family care.

Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon

Fortis Memorial Research Corporate Day Care Gurgaon - Intellitots

Intellitots Crèche and Activity Centre at Fortis has been conceived to positively engage and celebrate children and their families through a world class childcare support system and interactive and hands-on learning activities to provide positive stimulation.


1. Crèche and Activity Centre: Intellitots provides quality on-site child care for families of FortisIntellitots has partnered with a number of corporations like Fortis Healthcare, Pepsico, American Express and IBM to provide leading child care services. employees, patients and the neighbourhood community at large . The Crèche is managed by qualified teachers and support staff (Maids, Activity Coordinators) . There is a published schedule of a good mix of stimulating activities.

2. Enrichment Activities and Workshops: Intellitots runs world class programs like Kindermusik and Bouncing Babies for children as young as newborn and their families at the Crèche. Kindermusik is the world’s leading provider of music and movement programs for young children enjoyed by children in over 70 countries.

3. Cherished Memories: Intellitots also provides photography services to capture the very special journey of families from maternity through childbirth and their early years.

The Crèche has been designed and constructed in alignment with stringent safety and hygiene standards. All areas of the crèche are well lit and ventilated to provide a positive and happy environment for children. The unique feature of the Intellitots Crèche and Activity Centre are the multiple discovery zones for children of various age groups and interest areas.

– Outdoor Play zoneIntellitots has partnered with a number of corporations like Fortis Healthcare, Pepsico, American Express and IBM to provide leading child care services.
– Fitness Zone
– Reading and Mindful Zone
– Music and Movement Space
– Creative Expressions and Discovery Zone

Intellitots is partnering with real estate developers and with educational institutions who want to set up or expand a preschool chain. To Schedule an information session regarding this please write to us at


Intellitots Early Learning Center at Nagarro

Nagarro_LogoThe Intellitots early learning center at Nagarro has been specially conceptualized keeping the needs of parents working in multinational organizations in mind helping parents and especially mothers make a successful transition back to work.


1. The onsite center allows employees of Nagarro to leave children in a safe, secure and hygienic environment. Children are cared for by professionally trained teachers and support staff. Children are exposed to a good mix of stimulating age appropriate activities.

2. Intellitots early learning center at Nagarro also provides enrichment activities and workshops for young children. These include spring and summer camps as well as multiple programs that cover a range of activities in music, drama, story telling etc.

3. Parent workshops for employees at Nagarro to help them in their parenting journey.

The onsite center has been designed with world-class facilities and standards. It is a stimulating and enriching environment for young children with different zones that allow the child to have both meaningful experiences as well as quiet time when they need to wind down with a separate sleeping room and reading room for children to rest in.