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Jingle-a-Roo, India’s 1st Children’s Music Festival is back.

Jingle-a-Roo, India’s 1st Children’s Music Festival is back. This year  Intellitots – the early years’ education expert & KLAY – India’s most trusted parenting partner join hands to present Delhi NCR’s most awaited children’s music festival. Come join us on 18th March between 4 pm to 8 pm for a day of rhythmic beats and fun as world-class musicians and experts in early years music and movement take you
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Clapping, Stomping or Jumping to the Words in a Book does Wonders to a Baby’s All-Round Development

Haven’t you noticed how quickly your child, however young, responds to anything that involves physical activity? When you clap your hands little babies turn almost instinctively towards the sound while slightly older babies try to follow the path of the sound with their eyes and even older ones try to physically but awkwardly imitate you.Toddlers respond even more instantly and happily because they can
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Is Reading ‘Quantum Physics’ to Your Toddlers of Any Use?

Yes say the experts. Reading aloud books on Science to your little infant is beneficial in many ways. It Nurtures Critical thinking Encourages Reasoning Promotes Curiosity Fosters Questioning Creates ‘Problem solvers’ So when Facebook CEO recently announced that he was already thinking of reading ‘Quantum Physics for Babies’ he was only half joking. This is probably what made Chris Ferris author the colorful board
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Bring Reading back into fashion!

Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, android- touch screens, tablets, videos and yes the ever dependent TV-the markets are full of them. Don’t forget, so also are books-all kinds of genre. While experts believe that a smartphone in the hands of a two year old is detrimental to brain development and too much screen time in general is bad for all children, nobody ever said reading books
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Managing Screen Time for Kids in the Digital Era

Today’s world is extremely technology driven. And keeping pace with this explosive digital progression are its users who are steadily growing younger and younger. So much so that many of us think nothing of handing over a smart phone to an 18 month old toddler to keep the child quiet or occupied. In fact we are at times guilty of applauding our young children’s
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Intellitots Early Learning Centre awarded by WCRC Leaders Asia – May 5, 2017

World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC) awarded Intellitots Early Learning Centre with prestigious “Most Trusted Education Brand 2017” in the Pre School category earlier this month. The award is bestowed upon selected brands for their excellence based on Admission process, Infrastructure, Faculty, Accolades (Reward Recognition) and Extra-Curricular activities at the institute.

Back to School Open Letter – Pooja Goyal featured in Child Magazine – April 2017

Parenting Tips – How to talk to your kids about Good Touch, Bad Touch?

Bad touch situations as is evident are not a rare happening nor are they something that sometimes happens elsewhere. Child sexual abuse or CSA can happen anywhere – in school, crowded shopping malls, playground, even your own home. But there is no cause to be overly alarmed. Good parenting is also all about how you keep your children safe. So your role as a
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Parenting Tips – Have you started reading about Good Touch, Bad Touch yet?

With the media in recent months constantly throwing up occasions of child sexual abuse (CSA) one would think that there is a sudden spurt in perverted behavior or that it is a horrifying new trend. Worrying though it is, that is not so. For unlike today, previously there was, for one thing, no social media and the news media, conservative at best, didn’t dwell
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School of Talent – Summer Camp – 2017

This Summer let your inquisitive, little ones discover their interest and talent at Intellitots School of Talent  – Summer Camp 2017   Register Now for Intellitots Summer Camp 2017 Register Now for Intellitots Summer Camp 2017

Healthy Habits – Start Early for a Healthy Future

Are you often putting away toys that your two-year old has left lying about or cleaning up the mess your child has made after a meal? Not to worry. Even if your little one plays a tearfully angry tug- of- war over a favorite toy – all you need to do is distract the young one into helping you. If cleaning away is made
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Bouncing Babies Summer Fun – most popular parent toddler program

Let’s welcome the summer with our special ‘Bouncing babies Summer Fun’ program specially crafted for all our little ones eager to get out and about this summer. Let not the heat stop them from having a good time, making new friends and experiencing new delights. Similar in format to our signature parent-toddler program, ‘Bouncing Babies Summer Fun’ is for all the busy parents who
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Someone’s been eating my porridge? And other things you didn’t know about millets!

Porridge has been a staple part of the Indian breakfast table since time immemorial. While oat porridge is a western import, India too has a large repertoire of both sweet and savoury porridges each with their own regional twist. Like most things in life, diversity is the key to balance, and food grains are certainly no different. Many of these porridges are made with hardy millets and the recipes are intuitive, easy
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Intellitots’ Mom’s corner – Kanika Taneja

1. Give us a brief introduction about yourself and your child – his/her name, age, how old was your child when you started coming to the Intellitots Preschool? I am Kanika Taneja, mother of Aradhya Taneja. I am a lecturer by profession, though I took a break after she was born. An MBA (Amity University) and NET Qualified, I am currently enrolled in MBA
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There is no joy like the joy of music and dance

Singing, music and dancing are an integral part of our culture. We cannot envisage a function or a get together, a reunion or a celebration without music, even if it is just soft tunes playing in the background. Music is part of a person’s life from the very beginning – a baby gets introduced to it in the form of the rhythms and sounds
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The Green Signal to Maternity Bill: Return to The Career Track

“This is my humble gift to women, a day after the world celebrated the International Women’s Day.” – Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said as he introduced the Maternity Bill in Lok Sabha on 9th March 2017.   It is a gift indeed to all the women employees struggling to keep their feet in the job market, in the face of new motherhood challenges. Till
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Just exhale, your fussy eater is not going to starve

Shauravi’s son was a champion eater. Until the tender age of 14 months. There was much initial success with homemade baby cereals experiments. She was patting herself on the back for his gastronomic taste buds. And then, it all came to a crashing halt. He stopped eating. Everything. Except milk and cheese. There was no luck with airplane spoons, songs or any amount of
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Brain Targeted Teaching in the Early Years by Pooja Goyal featured in the Jan 2017 issue of Child Magazine

“Jingle-a-roo” – Gurgaon’s Annual Kids Music Festival

Jingle-a-roo is back with a bang!! Music Festivals are a great platform to inculcate a love for music with young children. So join us to take part in all the amazing activities we have planned out. There will be live music & dance performances, workshops, many hands on activities, kid centric shopping, scrumptious food and loads of merriment. Age group : 6 months to 10
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Back To School – Pooja Goyal featured in Better Homes and Gardens – December 2016