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Armed with a Masters in History, Sreelata was an Assistant Editor with the erstwhile Onlooker and World Trade Magazines before teaching History to undergraduates and doing a stint in an advertising agency. Reinventing herself as a web content writer, she writes regular blogs on freelance writing, child development and current happenings for online and print publications. Now established as a children’s writer, her books include Guru Nanak and Indira Gandhi for Penguin-Puffin. She is also the author of ‘Freelance Writing for the Newbie Writer’.

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Why Storytime’s Better When Dad’s Reading the Book

‘Babies who have benefited from paternal interactions from an early age get on better with their peers,’ says eminent author and parenting expert Dr. Lin Day. ‘They’re academically more successful, stay in school longer, use drugs and alcohol less frequently and are less likely to get involved with crime. They may also be better equipped socially and psychologically than infants who receive very little
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Are You Ready to Give UP on Getting Your Child to Read? DON’T

Reading Challenges Can Be Overcome and it will be worth it. ‘Reading is a social activity…Between the ages of four and nine, your child will have to master some 100 phonics rules, learn to recognize 3,000 words with just a glance, and develop a  comfortable reading speed approaching 100 words a minute – say Educational Consultant and Author/Publisher Paul Kropp. A tall order that you
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This Summer Vacation, Let’s do some Household chores!

Yes the summer holidays are here upon us and it’s time for some great family bonding. It’s also the time when summer vacation activities like camps, swimming sessions, painting, dancing, tennis and music classes take over your children’s lives. But you still find time hanging and your kids at a frantically bored loose end. And therefore if you are wondering what next for your
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