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Someone’s been eating my porridge? And other things you didn’t know about millets!

Porridge has been a staple part of the Indian breakfast table since time immemorial. While oat porridge is a western import, India too has a large repertoire of both sweet and savoury porridges each with their own regional twist. Like most things in life, diversity is the key to balance, and food grains are certainly no different. Many of these porridges are made with hardy millets and the recipes are intuitive, easy
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Just exhale, your fussy eater is not going to starve

Shauravi’s son was a champion eater. Until the tender age of 14 months. There was much initial success with homemade baby cereals experiments. She was patting herself on the back for his gastronomic taste buds. And then, it all came to a crashing halt. He stopped eating. Everything. Except milk and cheese. There was no luck with airplane spoons, songs or any amount of
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Choice of schools

Which board to choose is a dilemma that tops the mind of all parents when the children reach the school going age. What is the right choice with globalisation, multi-city, multi-country transfers and for the bright future of the child? There are many blogs ad articles that talk about the benefits and challenges of these boards (CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE). I would not
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