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Jingle-a-Roo, India’s 1st Children’s Music Festival is back.

Jingle-a-Roo, India’s 1st Children’s Music Festival is back. This year  Intellitots – the early years’ education expert & KLAY – India’s most trusted parenting partner join hands to present Delhi NCR’s most awaited children’s music festival. Come join us on 18th March between 4 pm to 8 pm for a day of rhythmic beats and fun as world-class musicians and experts in early years music and movement take you
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Clapping, Stomping or Jumping to the Words in a Book does Wonders to a Baby’s All-Round Development

Haven’t you noticed how quickly your child, however young, responds to anything that involves physical activity? When you clap your hands little babies turn almost instinctively towards the sound while slightly older babies try to follow the path of the sound with their eyes and even older ones try to physically but awkwardly imitate you.Toddlers respond even more instantly and happily because they can
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Are You Ready to Give UP on Getting Your Child to Read? DON’T

Reading Challenges Can Be Overcome and it will be worth it. ‘Reading is a social activity…Between the ages of four and nine, your child will have to master some 100 phonics rules, learn to recognize 3,000 words with just a glance, and develop a  comfortable reading speed approaching 100 words a minute – say Educational Consultant and Author/Publisher Paul Kropp. A tall order that you
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Books for joyful reading

IntelliStory books have been developed as a step-by-step program to guide children through the joyful process of reading in the elementary years….

CD of children rhymes

Down in the Jungle with our Animal Friends is a lovely collection of children play rhymes woven with a story to energize children with hours of sing…