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Thank you parents for making all of us at Intellitots feel so special this Teachers Day!

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The Right Age to Start Reading to Your Child

The need for developing reading habits in children is undisputable. In a world, where “creative destruction” is the preferred method of doing things – and rightfully, too, if you ask me—only those who can keep reading and teaching themselves will do well. The question that now remains is – what is the right age to start reading to your child so that she cultivates
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Summer Camp – Folk Art

This camp is a unique opportunity for children to learn about art, artists and the history of unique art forms from the masters themselves. The teachers in the camp are two of the most renowned artists and sculptors in the world. Date : May 18 – June 12 Timings : 9:30 am-12:30 pm Days : Monday to Friday Age group : 8-13 Years

Camp Intellitots 2015 – Little Engineers at Play

A camp where children will learn to build and build to learn! Camp Intellitots will provide a rich, project based learning environment through which children learn to be curious, courageous and persistent. The camp will focus on science inquiry, building, creating and inventing. Each camp module is crafted to help children create without the fear of making mistakes and promises to bring out your
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Handwriting Does Not Matter. Really?

How much should we push our children when teaching them to write neatly? I grappled with this question for quite some time as I watched my older daughter struggle to improve her handwriting. A part of me believed that good handwriting was as important as table manners; something that could feel like a chore but served an important purpose. On the other hand, the
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The Fascinating Connection between Music and Math

Music and Math have traditionally inhabited different worlds in our mind space. Music is associated with the ‘Arts Stream’ – something that is relaxing and good to pursue as a hobby while Math is pure science – associated with intelligence, analytical skills, and financial success. Therefore in our education system math is a core and compulsory subject from get go and music is extracurricular
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Invitation: How children succeed

How children succeed: The role of schools and parents in instilling a strong value system and how it can be done.

Carl Jarvis speaks: How & Why Children Learn Changing Paradigm in School Education

Intellitots presenting an opportunity for parents to learn and withdraw parenting advice from the science of meta-cognitive research.

Boys Don’t Cry?

I grew up in a family of four girls as the youngest and I’m blessed with two daughters. Women’s issues are close to my heart and I have always been riled up by the abuse that women in our society undergo. However, a few years ago an episode jolted me to rethink my gender bias, especially when it comes to sexual abuse. For the first
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Children’s Percussion Festival 13th December, Saturday, 10:00 -1:00 pm, Intellitots- Sector 57

Intellitots brings to Gurgaon the first ever Children’s Percussion festival. Join the fun as internationally acclaimed DjembeFola United introduce children to drumming from around the world. Children will also experience the magic of stories as they chase three little pigs through the maze, decorate gingerbread man cookies and cupcakes, make animals from balloons and take a peek through story corners. It is that time
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Yes, Fruit Juice is Junk Food

I’m not writing this to be deliberately provocative; I am writing this because it is a fact that processed beverage companies would like us to ignore and our children will pay a heavy price if we continue to pump sugar into their bodies through foods marketed as healthy foods. Packaged fruit juices happen to fall in that category. Yes, Fruit juice is junk food.
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Children’s Day Celebrations at Intellitots creche at Fortis

Intellitots and Fortis Memorial Research Institute together bring the Children’s Day Carnival on November 15 (Saturday) with a lot of fun attractions and surprises.