Curriculum of Intellitots Preschool
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Intellitots Early Years curriculum combines social, emotional, academic and cognitive experiences to provide the necessary stimulation in the critically important early years. Learning experiences are designed to encourage a positive self-image and a joy in the learning process. Highly- trained educators create a playful and engaging environment for all children while celebrating each child’s unique personality, intelligence and creativity.

Brain Targeted Teaching Model

Intellitots is partnering with Dr. Mariale Hardiman of John Hopkins University to implement the Brain Targeted Teaching Model. Brain-Targeted Teaching® designates six “brain targets” for the teaching and learning process and describes brain research that supports each stage.

Intellitots places a high emphasis on building strong reading skills in the preschool years. Your preschooler will be surrounded by books and will be encouraged to develop their reading skills through our ‘Word World’ program where excellent reading strategies are introduced and reinforced throughout the school year. Strong teacher child ratios enables teachers to provide one-on-one attention and small group reading experiences that help promote confidence as children master reading concepts while singing songs, playing games and having fun.

Curriculam of Intellitots Preschool, Playschool and Daycare and Early Learning CentreMaths, science, and general awareness are integrated throughout the preschool program. Through the Intellitots preschool math program children will become problem solvers as they explore concepts like patterning, sorting, adding while they play. In Social Studies and Science, children are invited to explore their world as well as people and places throughout the world through hands-on, meaningful experiences.

The program provides ample opportunities, materials and aids to support creative expression of ideas through music and movement, drama and pretend play and art enrichment. Our preschool children are also able to enjoy our state of the art playground area for time in play, exploration, running, riding bikes, throwing balls, swinging, climbing, and digging up treasures in the sandpit!

Intellitots Preschool enables children to develop an understanding of real world topics through the aid of monthly themes. The themes act as a guide for curriculum planning and development. At the same time teachers encourage spontaneity and responsiveness to the immediate interests of a group of children taking cues from their ideas, excitement and questions.