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Creative Xpressions

Creative and confident expression of ideas and thoughts is critical to a well rounded personality. As such, in this fast paced world, the art of persuasive communication and speech is too crucial to be left to chance. Intellitots through it Creative Xpressions program nurtures confident communicators. The program has been designed to systematically develop skills in expressive, practical and public speaking while nurturing strong interpersonal skills and an interest in a variety of prose and verse.

The program is graded and takes children through a range of core skills over four levels.

  • Songs and Stories
  • Craft Bug
  • Speech and Drama
  • Public Speaking and Elocution

Intellitots also trains children for the Trinity Guildhall Drama and Speech certification. Trinity Guildhall Certification in Drama and Speech is a globally recognized certification offered by the Trinity College, UK through its centres across 60 countries.

Songs and Stories
2 – 4 yearsSongs and Stories

Songs and Stories encourage young children to develop performance, musical and communication skills as they create and explore stories, songs, roles and situations through imaginative and integrated use of music, movement, role play and drama. The classes happen once a week in the evening. Children use a variety of performance, musical and communication skills such as

  • Speaking poetry and rhymes
  • Dramatic Expression
  • Singing and playing musical instruments
  • Mime and expressive movement
  • Use of puppets, costumes, props and masks

Craft Bug
2 – 4 years

Craft BugCraft Bug offers a unique opportunity to children to express their creativity through a variety of craft projects. Children create their first projects of art using materials such as clay, seeds, grass, leaves, paints and crayons. The class not only helps children improve their fine motor skills and concentration but enhances social interaction and team skills. The class happens once a week and children participate in creating a new masterpiece every week. Trained early childhood educators demonstrate the project and then help children create their own pieces by making it fun and engaging and fostering a life long interest in art and craft.

Speech and Drama
4 – 8 years

Speech and Drama is an excellent medium to build confidence, language and performance skills. In this program children learn to create their own drama through discussions, listening and sharing ideas. The program helps children become independent thinkers, problem solvers and leaders by enabling them to overcome their stage fear and developing confidence to express in public without inhibition.