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Intellitots featured in Economic Times

BENGALURU: Preschool teaching models such as the Reggio Emilia and Montessori are getting a makeover, with a number of institutions weaving innovation into their approach to education.

In the classrooms at Gurgaon based Intellitots, children can sometimes be seen to be moving energetically around their desks while lessons are on. This kind of physical activity is encouraged and believed by the teachers to be beneficial to learning and memory consolidation.

Intellitots, founded by IIT alumni Shivani Kapoor and Pooja Goyal, has eschewed more traditional models in favour of the Brain Targeted Teaching Model, which connects neural developments and responses to education. It was developed by educationist Mariale Hardiman, currently vice dean of academic affairs, professor of education and director of the Neuro Education Initiative at Johns Hopkins University School of Education.

“The Brain Targeted Teaching Model really resonated with us because it comprehensively explained how the different workings and developments of the brain can be used to positively affect learning,” said Goyal.

While Intellitots is the only preschool in India which is known to be built around a newer framework of child development, others are weaving innovation into the traditional approaches that they are based on.

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