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CD of Children Rhymes

Down in the Jungle with our Animal Friends is a lovely collection of children play rhymes woven with a story to energize children with hours of sing along fun. Developed by Intellitots for 18 month – 5 year olds, this CD has a collection of a number of playful animal songs that children love in their early years.

1. Let’say Hello
2. Hokey Cokey
3. The Wheels on the Bus
4. Apples and Bananas
5. Shake Shake Shake your Sillies
6. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
7. Row, Row, Row your Boat
8. Three Little Fishies
9. Five Little Speckled frogs
10. The Bear Went over the Mountain
11. Kookaburra 12. Down in the Jungle
13. Five Little Monkeys
14. Ther is a Little Caterpillar
15. Down by the Statio
16. Old Mac Donald
18. Tiny Tim
19. Dingle Dangle Scarecrow
20. Hurry Hurry
21. If All the Raindrops
22. Skinnymarinky Dinky Dink