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The Times of India in May – 2013

Creative Vacation for the tiny tots by The Times of India

(Published in The Times of India in May – 2013.

In summer, the most difficult childcare to arrange for most parents is the one which covers the time when parents have to be at work and the pre-nursery schools are closed. Coming to the relief of such parents are the city's vast offering of summer camps by pre-nursery schools, which provide a wealth of options.

DLF Phase IV-based pre-school Intellitots is offering a summer camp titled 'Holiday with a Difference' from May 13 to June 7 for kids in the age group of 2-6 year olds. "We have planned a range of activities, including science experiments, drama performances, art exploration, flameless cooking, inspirational stories and general awareness related to each theme and water games, among others," says Pooja Goyal, founder director, Intellitots.Read more


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